NE1 Racing Club
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About us

Who are the NE1 racing club?

We are a unique racing club fully committed to the Northeast of England. We want to deliver an owners experience to horse racing enthusiasts, on an affordable scale on a monthly and annual basis.

Horse racing has been a step too far,  for a lot of people other than the odd day out, and that isn’t the way it should be, NE1 Racing Clubs proving that!

Our journey is becoming an exciting one, with highs and lows no doubt, but we will be in it together, and that will add to the magic of it all. 

Ask yourself this, when you see owners in the parade ring on race days, how many times have you wished that to be you? Meeting the jockeys, speaking to the trainers and feeling special on the day, its a fantastic feeling and a one that NE1 will deliver for you if you want to join us!


What we are about

Making genuine friendships with great people

Creating fun experiences and memories to last you a lifetime

Feeling valued in a transparent Racing club

Bringing affordable racehorse ownership to the modern day



Who’s who…