Anthony McMahon

You have to rewind back to April 2009 to light the fire for me in horse racing, as I went to my local track Newcastle to watch my dads first horse Lee’s Anthem run a red hot favourite to within an inch of one of the biggest of upsets. That was it for me, the occasion, the hospitality, the access and the thrill of being in with a live chance in a televised race, it sent my imagination into overdrive. From there, my father Peter has been involved with various projects and visited the winner’s enclosure, and I’ve luckily managed to be involved too, creating lasting memories I will endeavour to replicate through the club. We have had horses trained by different trainers, including the legend that was Mel Brittain and David Thompson, plus others that know the northern courses better than most; something I feel is important when committing to the region for runners and more importantly club members.

Over the last 10 years, the owner’s experience has transpired to be something pretty special and certainly something I’ve got a taste for and there really isn’t anything like it,  but the reality of single horse ownership has always capped potential for me personally, something I know will resonate with other racing enthusiasts. However, the idea of creating a racing club has been something I’ve thought about for some time, and now is the time that concept becomes a reality for myself, like-minded friends and racing fans too. We are spoilt for choice with fantastic local tracks, from summer turf and of course the awesome addition of the all-weather at Newcastle, the only floodlit straight mile in the world.

My passions in life, and are my work, my family and any competitive sport really, from football to cricket, horses to carp fishing! I’ve enjoyed competing in sports to a high standard as a junior and have harnessed that drive into work and living life to the full. I firmly believe that the NE1 Racing Club, spearheaded by passionate and honest racing enthusiasts we will create lasting memories for everyone involved.

I’ve always pushed myself, strived for better and never left anything in the “what if ” category with anything I’ve done, and NE1 Racing Club will be no exception. We will grow and develop with the people involved and I for one, am extremely excited for the next few years to see where this takes us as a club, we are certainly getting the right kind of members involved which is something to be proud of.