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Have a Hollie Jolly Christmas

At the time of writing  the Sports personality of the Year Award is yet to be awarded and we would join most in racing in wishing Hollie Doyle the best of luck .She has had a fantastic year and in the media comes across as being  very modest and appreciative of the people who have helped her most in her career so far. She has performed to amazing levels this season and would be a very worthy winner. Given the list of nominations she would certainly be our pick without hesitation. Many people have wondered why Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has not been shortlisted as for many he is the stand out candidate in 2020. Some may argue this award is about achievement and he is not world champion etc etc but is  an award about personality linked obviously to public profile. The fact he has not been nominated has to have been driven by political pressure. In 1975 cricketer David Steele won the public vote due to him showing heart and courage against hostile Australian bowlers like Lillee and Thomson. His top score in the series was 92. On paper nothing spectacular about his record but he showed guts and determination in what many of that generation would highlight as the “British Spirit”  and he was a very popular winner in an era where cricket and racing were regularly shown on the BBC. Many may disagree about Rashford but for many he would have been the perfect fit so why the corporate resistance?

One key issue that has occupied our minds in recent times the  misuse of the whip debate. It could be argued that in most cases the punishment does not fit the crime and during the past few weeks there have been multiple cases when a horse has won a race by the narrowest of margins and the jockey has used his whip a lot more times than is permissible. The outcome is usually either that this is ignored or the jockey gets a ban for a couple of days. The result stands and the owners get the prize money. With this being the state of play, jockeys will continue to flout this rule as the punishment is something they can accept with relative ease.  What we wouldn’t advocate is a football style VAR approach to a race finish as that would take away the thrill and instant joy of seeing a horse win a race in real time, this confirmed with recent correspondence from BHA officials. Disqualifying the horse and demoting it may not be a good solution too as that would affect the enjoyment of punters too much and may affect levels of betting  moving forward.

In any other sport, the actual rule breaker is the one punished, so why not just make it simple and give a substantial fine to the jockey on the spot, almost too big to eradicate this, the ruling on this seems to be that of ” a shark with no teeth” and the jockeys know it. If measures such as this (or similar) were introduced  it would have an immediate effect on the use of the whip. . Jockeys are like any other humans; they follow the path of least resistance and if the rules were stricter  the breaches would be minimal. Rant over!

Like most in 2020, our nice little racing club at NE1 Racing Club has endured a difficult year . Our 3 year old filly Poco Contante did not race as she got upset at the start at Redcar in a maiden race in the summer  and was rightly withdrawn  although she was not really given too many chances at the time as that was the stance  about reluctant loaders at the time. We since discovered she has been unwell, she endured a phantom pregnancy and lost her condition completely. She has had time out and is in a much better place physically and mentally so we hope 2021 will see her show her undoubted ability on track , providing she takes to it again. Our multiple winner Lukoutoldmakezebak had a very frustrating campaign in 2020  actually dropping 12 lb in the handicap  during the summer and autumn. In some races we tried tactics that didn’t work for him and in other races he was help up for sprint finish which to be fair he doesn’t have. He needs the race to be run a certain way for him to be successful , like many other horses I would imagine. We took him all the way to Chelmsford where fortunately Dylan Hogan did brilliantly to get him placed as he absolutely loathed the torrential rain that fell during his (and every other!) race.  He is having a bit of a rest now and we will wait for the right races to be programmed in the New Year although  we  know that the are no suitable races at Newcastle his home track until at least April, which is a shame.

We now have a third horse running in our ownership for 2021, a filly called The Queens Ladies . A winner last year  she is trained in Middleham by the James Bethell although we understand his son Ed will be leading the operation moving forward which very exciting. It is impossible to think we could be involved with nicer people than the Bethell’s so we look forward to 2012 with much optimism.

Season’s greetings to all who have taken the time to read our musings and heres to a magnificent New Year to you all.

Peter and Anthony


NE1 Racing Club.

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Give us a break! #bouncebackblog

My day job has seen me still going to work over the past few months but I can finally now begin to have a moment or two of calm to assess how racing and in particular our fledgling racing club has fared through the past few months of unchartered waters.
Uppermost in my mind is the way that the BHA have seemingly chucked owners onto the scrapheap, despite their protestations that they haven’t. In the early stages of lockdown I believe they did a formidable job in trying to get racing back albeit behind closed doors. But now that the industry is trundling along and money is filtering through at the top end, owners are clearly the forgotten entity. Without owners there is no racing. I believe many owners would love to take some kind of action but for many , running their horses is the only source of potential income, so choosing not to run is a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas.

The governing bodies ought to be campaigning for all owners to be allowed on course for a day’s racing, not just for 45 minutes to see their horse run. That is ridiculous, given that pubs and restaurants are now back on track.
Next big point for me is the irregularities across courses in regard to difficult horses and loading up. On Saturday and experienced handicapper trained by a very powerful northern yard was given chance after chance to load. The horse bucked three or four times and the jockey did very well to stay in the saddle. This went on for about four minutes. The horse was eventually loaded and finished placed. Since the resumption of racing I wouldn’t like to guess how many horses have been classed as unruly at the stalls and have been withdrawn at almost the first sign of temperament being shown. Those horses now have to have a stalls test and because of the plethora of “unruly” horses there is a huge backlog of horses waiting for the test. Obviously those horses cant run until a test has been
successfully completed. It is frustrating beyond belief to see horses at some course given chance after chance and then at others, very little chance at all. Not good enough; whatever you decide, implement it fairly for heavens sake. I wonder what the figures are for unruly horses this year compared to the last 2 month period from last year?

Our racing club has had a frustrating time of it, like many others I would
imagine. One of our horses got spooked at Redcar on her third outing, after a long break since her last run. Previously she loaded up absolutely fine at Thirsk and Newcastle, but something at Redcar spooked her and she was withdrawn just before the off. What spooked her we have no idea? Seeing strangers with masks for the first time? Who knows. Trying to bring new members into the racing fraternity at this time, when owners cant even turn up and watch and have a nice day out, is proving almost impossible. Things need to change before it is too late. Yesterday I was delighted to see northern jockey Sam James make the most of his opportunity on Queen Jo Jo at York. Sam won on this horse when I was at Nottingham a while ago and he produced a really strong run to win then, as indeed he did yesterday. Group successes don’t come that frequently for some northern jockeys and I am thrilled that Kevin Ryan was repaid for his thinking outside the box on this occasion and offering Sam the ride. Even more thrilled with the amazing ride he gave her bringing her from last to first so even the cameraman almost missed her !
I thought holding Royal Ascot behind closed doors was a good decision. It seemed to be the right thing to do at the right time.

I hope that the BHA and maybe the ROA can now realize that now is the right time to actually do something concrete to look after the interests of owners. It was nice to see Francesca Cumani make the point so forcibly on ITV at the weekend. I just hope that the right people were listening.
Keep safe
Peter, Director at NE1 Racing Club.

NE1 Logo

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1 Year in at NE1 Racing Club

NE1 Racing Club; one year in…

It’s been just over a year since we began the racing club and now a moment to take stock on what has been a roller coaster ride for us all at NE1, and a fun one at that.

At the outset our aim was to simply try and successfully complete year one by attracting sufficient interest to make our enterprise sustainable. Our first target was to attract ten members , then we set our target to get to twenty members in year one and we surpassed that nicely in December. 

We purchased a lovely 2yr old fast company filly to start the club,. She is a beautiful mover who glides across the ground and anyone who has seen her in the flesh has spoken nicely of her. 

Her two runs so far in September ( Thirsk)  and October ( Newcastle)  showed pretty clearly that she needed time off to eat up and grow overthe winter and from regular visits she has done just that, so we are on track. 

In her two Novices she was up against some smart horses from powerhouse yards, form already stacking up substantially. She knew her job, broke well  and her finishing position does not reflect her potential we are certain of that, sometimes to get the best out of something it just takes one thing…time. 

In June we decided to run Lukoutoldmakezebak (Rolo) in the racing club colours , a decision which was to prove a wise one. Rolo had a great summer winning two races at Ripon and Newcastle and he also has finished 2nd and 3 rd on a number of occasions too. He is a really genuine horse although he is idiosyncratic and needs races to be run to suit him in order for him to get his head in front.

You cannot put a price on these moments!
Rolo knows where the winning line is at Newcastle

It has been immensely satisfying that some of our racing club members havebeen in the winners enclosure on their first trip to the races as an owner. This is obviously difficult to maintain but we are always trying to make our trips to the races as fun and inclusive as possible. 

Our next club outing will be hopefully a visit to Newcastle on the all weather, before we all head up to Musselburgh with a lot of club members for a double header from NE1 all being well, where both of our horses will take their chance on the Easter weekend.

A day at the races is a fantastic way to spend your leisure time and make new and lasting friendships. Last spring saw the industrial action taken within the industry to try and ensure prize money across all courses (particularly appearance money) is kept at reasonable levels. At NE1 Racing we are most grateful for any appearance money paid for horses who finish out of the frame . This capital injection has helped us in year one to remain viable. We don’t have the capacity at the moment to pay top dollar for yearlings or 2yo ‘s who have lofty pedigrees we have to be smart about every step of our growth, and we will be. We are operating in the margins, seeking value in all we do. There are loads of fantastic examples of racing clubs / syndicates who offer amazing value and professionalism to their members and we tip our hat to them all. We are just a group of ordinary racehorse fans who by working together can benefit each other in their pursuit of excitement. If you have supported us in our opening year we genuinely want to say thank you for helping us progress and grow at the rate we have.

Members getting up close with instructions from the trainer and jockey

Here are some of our highs and lows from year 1 at NE1

  • Biggest excitement Rolo winning at Ripon in August at 25/1 early price!
  • Biggest disappointment Not having more money on him ^^^^^

Best racecourse visited in 2019

a) for viewing Newcastle ( winning under the lights of the worlds only floodlit straight mile AW) 

b) for Owners and trainers –Thirsk 

c) on course hospitality – Musselburgh ……They served Venison in the bistro! 

  • Most annoying rival Jai Hanuman who beat us in a class 7 race at Gosforth Park rated 48 and was rated 70+  3 months later stacking up a cheeky 4 time win streak. Naughty! 
  • Biggest improver we faced –  We beat a horse called “Home before dusk” at Carlisle off a rating of 46 and that horse is now rated 92 just 7 months later. 
  • Favourite Racing Media Mick Fitz and Andrew Thornton
  • Chance encounter at races Legendary Cricket Star David “Bumble” Lloyd .
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Location Location Location

Blog 8

NE1 Racing Club

Date –Friday 27thSeptember 19

Location – Newcastle Racecourse

So it was Thai Green curry on the menu on a chilly night at Gosforth Park in the O+T enclosure, tasty tucker as per usual and hi 5 to the ladies on portion control, very generous! Good to warm the cockles and set our club members up for what was soon to be a memorable night for us all, including some brand new members which was fantastic! Shout out to Patsy, Shaun and Dave on their first visit with the club, in for a live one! 

We found a table in the corner of O + T and started the rumblings of how we all thought the race would or could pan out, and over our shoulder on the screen was an old rival of Rolo ( Jim Goldies Insurplus ) whizzed home at 22-1 to get our night off to an interesting start, Rolo has been involved in close races with that horse in previous races. Form franked for our race ahead and funny how horses run well at certain tracks…its as if they know don’t you think? 

We all headed round to the pre parade ring to get a snapshot of the horses and our challengers to be, and I must say the condition of some of these animals was excellent, just goes to show how much effort to look after the horses by all stable staff and the pride of their work, cant be over done really! Having chatted and whispered about dangers I managed a quick word with a jockey returning in to the weighing room (This passes the pre parade) and he said it was riding fast due to the sudden downpour an hour earlier, this would compress the track and almost stick it together. His words were that horses where struggling to come from off the pace, very interesting. 

So having seen our lad lap around a few times we filtered around to the rails bookmakers and looked at some, lets say enterprising prices. 10-1 / 12-1 …and one brave/smart bookie was offering 16-1 for our horse. Members aligned and took turns to take up the rich pickings from the bookmaker who will remain anonymous, some people may or may not have returned for second helpings. 

The parade ring was packed, racing clubs, syndicates and partnerships all excellent to see in the current climate of racing, and for a northern track it was good to know the demand for the sport we love is certainly there! 

Harrison Shaw came over to us and gave a short pinpoint brief on what happened at Musselburgh 2 runs back, and seemed pretty confident to go one better as the saying goes. 

Everyone has their lucky spots to watch the race unfold, mine is right down by the screen on the rail, I have cheered him home to win twice before so made sense to revisit. I took Patsy and Shaun along with Trevor to the lucky position and everyone else got there best view sorted, and off they went. Rolo broke well and got a good position on the stands rail, one back from a horse that would attempt to make the running. They went a good gallop and 2f out the leader came back peddled and a gap appeared and Rolo took it first time of asking. Harrison gradually wound him up to be in top gear and was in front at the furlong pole, with him having winning form over a mile and the true test at Newcastle over 7f it was meant to be for NE1 members tonight. The winning distance was ¾ of a length returning SP of 11/1. (Apologies to anyone within 50 yards of us at the finish line, we were over the moon with his run).

Winning protocol of heading straight to the winners enclosure for a debrief from Harrison, and an interview with Peter from Andrew Thornton on sky sports racing, to be also quizzed on the origin of Rolos racing name (LUKOUTOLDMAKEZBAK)! He explained it very well! 

After champagne and celebrations with members, and re run of the race at least 10 times we retired to O + T and reflected on what just happened. His figures at Newcastle are now 14 runs, placed 5 times and won 3 times ( in 2019 he has been 3rd, 2nd1stat the track). 

Furthermore our nice prospect Poco Contante will be running her 2ndrace on 9thOctober in a Fillies races over a mile at Newcastle for 2yr olds only. Members have all been kept up to date with her progress and we are very excited by her development. 

Relating back to Peters interview with Andrew Thornton, he was asked about our plan for the club and it was said we are hoping for 20 members in year one, having currently been on 17 we have space for only 3 more members in 2019 and no surprise after this win we have had a good few positive enquiries, so if you are wanting a piece of this action for only £350 all in, contact us on Twitter or email info@ne1racingclub.comto get stuck in with us. It really is the most cost effective club going, with really genuine members and a good strong club ethos.

All the best, 


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Blog 7…Return of the Mak

THE JOIN OVER 8,000 MEMBERS APPRENTICE HANDICAP STAKES (CLASS 6)  at Ripon on Tuesday August 6th will not stay in the memory for most people for too long , but for us at NE1Racing Club it will always hold fond memories as it provided our very first winner since we started earlier in the year.

We have two horses in ownership  for members in the club and it was Lukoutoldmakezebak  (Rolo)who managed to get his head in front at Ripon on his third outing under the ownership of the racing club. He has been really unlucky this year to have bumped into several very very well handicapped horses in narrow defeat, The pattern has been that they beat us narrowly of a very low mark then go on to run up a sequence. 

With horses you are learning all of the time and after his short head defeat at Hamilton it  is now apparent that Rolo really relishes a bit of cut in the ground. Jockey Jamie Gormley said he loved the ground that day when it was particularly soft. We had been forced to run him over 1m 1f simply because we have not been able to get into 1m races because of our low handicap mark. Which then becomes a self fulfilling downward spiral as the handicapper will drop him further . It is so important in my book that the race programmers look at the programme for horses based in the north rated 45-55 as the lack of provision is glaringly obvious. Recent races at Redcar/ Newcastle  have attracted entries in excess of 60. These races on the programme have not been identified as races which can divide which is the biggest gaffe of all. It also should tell the authorities that ok prize money can always be better, but it is not stopping owners from entering.It is the lack of suitable races at the lower end. It dismayed me to hear a pundit on Luck on Sunday recently bemoaning the number of low grade races that were being run. The discussion was around the volume of racing. I agree there is probably too much racing especially through the summer months, but as John Dance highlighted months ago, the % of horses currently in training which are rated below 55 is staggeringly high. Without these horses and owners the industry as we recognize it now would not function. Jim McGrath clearly didn’t see it that way!

Our trip to Ripon started unpromisingly as our SatNav took us through some lovely villages within touching distance of the course just for the craic. On arrival we were greeted warmly by staff and found our way to the Owners and Trainers facility . It had been many years since we had last been to Ripon and it is clear that the most improved small racecourse plaque at the base of the stairs was not out of place. It is a lovely facility which provides owners with comfort and a clear view of the parade ring. In the parade ring before our race we chatted to James and Sally Bethell who were there  with Jessinamillion. Rolo was with James at Middleham prior to moving back up north and if there is a nicer person in racing I am yet to meet him.

The beautiful parade ring is large enough to get lost in and after passing the time of day with Brian Ellison we looked up and could see our jockey Aled Beech about twenty metres away at the top end  surrounded by trainer and members of the racing club.In as calm a fashion as we could we scurried across to make our introductions . In my mind I knew that jockey Aled had ridden two winners recently at Yarmouth and Newmarket using front running tactics and having seen the clips I felt today would be the day that a similar strategy  would work for us. Trainer David had already given Aled the tactics which were completely different, to hold horse up and let him come through 3 furlongs out . Apprentice races sometimes are run at a breakneck pace and he said we wanted no part in that. Aled got on we made our way on to course and took up our position. Normally at this point I wander off and watch the race in a quiet spot. On this occasion we all stood together and having put my little wager on the night before  at 25/1 I did not have to worry about getting bets on.

3 furlongs out just for moment I thought we were in trouble  but Aled rode the race to perfection and brought him home up the centre seeing off the challenge from the ultra game Betty Grable. In real time the feeling of watching your horse stride out to win a race is second to none. I wanted to capture the moment so we got a photo taken  before we headed to the winners enclosure.

coming to challenge!
Rolo bursting clear

The next ten minutes or so were a bit of a blur. Aled and David interviewed on Sky, presentation from Terry  on behalf of ROA who were sponsoring the entire card as the ROA Industry Ownership Day. Then champagne and nibbles and the chance to watch a re run in the company of our members and everyone connected with the yard. The genuine delight of the occasion was a moment I will never forget and nor too will our members.


The rest of the evening flew over too quickly but I would recommend owners with a healthy appetite use their meal voucher at the canteen opposite  the O/T as the voucher can be redeemed there and you will not be disappointed . The salad offer upstairs in O/T did look superb by the way, just not my bag.

Drinks on us!

Not every day’s racing can end up the way that this one did, but when they happen they are worth remembering. Aled Beech is a sensible intelligent level headed jockey who I would recommend . He travelled all the way from Newmarket  just for the one ride and as I have always believed, hard work will pay off in the long run.

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Do not pass go, do not collect £200…NE1 Blog 6 is here.

There’s a starman…..

We at NE1Racing have been discussing what we feel is a worrying trend
certainly in flat racing, but after the debacle of the Irish Grand National earlier this week , it seems the problem is spreading across both codes…

Multiple entries and 40%of the field of the Irish Grand National were owned by Gigginstown House Stud. This follows on from last year’ Epsom Derby when 33.3% of the field were owned by the Derrick Smith team. So what is wrong with that? I hear you ask. Well it’s a monopoly isn’t it.? Well it’s good for racing is the stock answer because of the huge investment made by a tiny number of very wealthy businessmen. Ok so this small number of people put a lot into the game but they are taking it out again quick time, If this trend continues how long will it be before we have an Epson Derby contested by horses all owned by the same owner , running in the same colours with different caps. In my view at that point the game will be up, don’t you agree?
Here’s a thought. Limit owner entry into Group/Graded races to 3 runners per race. I know it conspires against the free market principle but in my view something radical needs to be done to prevent the relentlessly blind sprint to the abyss. Simplistic perhaps but someone else come up with a better idea, just putting it out there?
One of the points of great interest for us is observing which jockeys/ trainers have started the season on the front foot as people speculate as to which horses will be classic contenders/ champion jockeys etc. Huge shame to see Too Darn Hot missing out on the early Classic but hopefully he will have a chance to shine as his campaign runs it’s course, although it did seem like theorist kept secret for a while. On the jockey front how about two lively outsiders for the jockeys championship.Joe Fanning currently priced at 80/1 has started the season on fire with 52 winners already in 2019. He finished 7th last year.

Even more left field is the mercurial Franny Norton who finished equal tenth last year but who we think is riding better than ever in 2019. Price on application forFranny. It may be that Silvestre gets hamstrung by his retainer with King Power in terms of dictating when and where he is expected to go. Same may apply to Oisin to which is why the title could be won by a person who will pop up for rides here there and everywhere during the summer months. So whilst there may be doubts in some quarters about who will ride the most winners, I think Silvestre and Oisin will break their ducks in the Classics this year. Good luck to them. One young man who deserves a shout out, is the young Jason Watson, surely one to look out for the future, what style and balance he has at a young age.

It is good to see some normality return to racing now that the prize money fiasco has be abated albeit temporarily.However that didn’t help us on our recent trip to Southwell when we pocketed the princely sum of £163.81 for finishing 4th ,which would have just about covered half of the travel cost of getting the horse there. The horse hated the kickback anyhow so we wont be back regardless.Still don’t know why some courses offer place money of £400 to eight and others only £300. Someone tell me what the criteria is for that?
What has been good to note is that some courses are really getting their teeth into successfully bringing new visitors in to see racing on race days. I have seen personally in the last couple of months packed crowds at two arc courses as the executives have thought outside the box to coax / encourage new visitors. The free entry at Southwell must have made them a fortune on the night. What lessons could and should be learnt from that? Last year during May we visited Nottingham for their Ladies Day. I sincerely hope that security is stepped up this year as last year it was flimsy at best. There were what looked like sixth formers on the doors to hypothetically restrict access between the various areas(O/T) and corporate. Didn’t stops swathes of merry punters taking residence wherever they felt like dropping into. The stag who ran onto the course to complete the last furlong dressed in only a severely tested thong slicing his modesty in half, and horses head should not really have been possible should it. We are planning to go again this year (I know) but hope the security is stepped up and lessons learned.
NE1 Racing is now three months old (wooo) and we are pleased with the feedback we have received to say the least. In our first year we have a target figure of members which would like to achieve and we are delighted at how we are progressing. What is even more pleasing is that some recognisable figures in the industry have acknowledged and given kind words to what we are trying to do , and will do. So, If you have ever been involved with racehorse ownership please consider joining us, and if you haven’t its the perfect starting point for sure. The fee of only £350 is incredibly modest for the level of involvement you will enjoy and it is a one off payment for a year’s membership. We guarantee fun and enjoyment along the way, so what are you waiting for?

The NE1 team

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Blog 5

Roll up Roll up!

Well what can be said about this horse Tiger Roll, multiple Cheltenham champ and on the double at Aintree over the toughest test ? Hats off to everyone involved and Gordon Elliott for the time spent on preparing  this amazing horse. As per most yards, I feel its key to point out the number of people who will have played their part in the successes yesterday; stable staff that don’t get the champagne moments as much , here’s to all of them, their work is very much acknowledged by owners and fellow horse racing fans. Michael O‘Leary well and truly had people away pre race giving the horse no chance, if only Ryanair flight times were as predictable as Tiger Roll over the big obstacles! 

Straight in with a nice little update regarding our Fab Filly, Poco! We mentioned in our  the last blog that  our future superstar was off to Chris Dennis to be broken in, and what we have heard so far is music to NE1 racing clubs ears! I contacted Chris for a brief catch up last week on her progress and how she was taking to her new job, and I got good reports and more than a hint of optimism (Calm down lads)! She has been backed and ridden away, and hasn’t flinched according to what she’s been asked to do, and called “nice” more than once during the call.  We have been invited to come and get some footage to share with members via our private group. Chris’s Wife joked she would get his best kit out for the filming, I am sure it will be great viewing. Chris has a role within the BHA and was at Aintree over the last 4 days, so a man that knows his nags!

So , the plan is once Poco has familiarised with her early work, she will be back to David Thompson’s yard, to assess the situation and get relevant feedback on how she has been , and what the early indicators are , timeframes etc , then the plotting can begin with our members. 

UPDATEWe are scheduling a yard visit in the next week or so , and everyone will be contacted and invited to come along and enjoy this fantastic Spring weather and meet the team too, good times ahead for sure. Come along if you can!

To our other interest that runs in NE1 colours is Peter’s horse Lukoutoldmakezbak, who made the trip to Southwell last week and , well to be blunt about it, hated every minute of it. Unfamiliar surface and being on the receiving end of horrific kickback throughout, Jamie Gormley returned to provide good honest feedback looking similar to a Pritt Stick dunked in a sand pit, he was covered. Nothing ventured we suppose, and it will be on to the next available race for him and roll the dice once again, a win isn’t far away, it cant be , can it?

On a side note, Southwell had a record crowd the night Lukoutoldmakezbak ran ( Rolo to us) due to free entry initiatives ,and what an atmosphere , packed grandstands and no doubt the course made a few quid, only a good thing when you consider racings financial positions currently right?

Doncaster kicked things off at the Lincoln meeting last week too, with a seriously smart Auxerre headlining and winning under James Doyle, Matt Chapman even tipped it( Yes you read that right) to win completing a full sweep of the ITV tipsters , spearheaded by the excellent Kevin Blake, 4 I think? I personally think ITV coverage is pretty decent and look forward to more meetings and detailed reporting, the only think that bugs me is the Camera man/ reporters who buzz about at the starting gates with the microphones, you wouldn’t see that in other sports a minute before the game starts? 

I just wanted to end this blog edition on why NE1 Racing club would be potentially be a perfect introduction for any likeminded racing enthusiasts to join us; 

  • Fun days out at the races in owners and Trainers excusive areas
  • Meet the jockeys and get close up with connections
  • Owners experience at a fraction of the cost
  • Genuine people who want the best for our horses and members
  • Regular updates as soon as there is anything to report
  • One time cost of £350, perfect for a birthday gift or special present , no sting in the tail with entry fees, vet bills, upkeep, its clean and simple. 
  • Local runners where you can see your horse run, this is so important to us. 
  • Meet good friends  with similar interests,, we want to know you  will be right for us , and we are right for you!. 

If you are at all interested, its as easy as dropping us a text on 07930331158 with a brief message and your name, and we will get in touch with you and talk through any questions etc you may have, transparency is key in this sport. Thanks for reading. 


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Blog 4 NE1 racing club

Blog 4 

Sunday 24thmarch

Woke up this morning still revisiting the question I had posed myself the last few days, and it has led me to some interesting findings regarding Champion Jockeys vs winning classics…. Since 1993 there have been 45 different jockeys who have won an English Classic. Not one “Northern based” jockey has won a Classic during that time. Paul Hanagan  won the Epsom Oaks on Taghrooda in 2014 for John Gosden  but not whilst based in north primarily. 

Top jockeys yet to win a Classic are Silvestre de Sousa, Oisin Murphy, Jim Crowley, James Doyle  and Daniel Tudhope. The top five in last years PJA Championships  are still Classic Virgins, to coin a phrase.

I expect Oisin Murphy and James Doyle to ride a Classic winner in the near future based on their profile . De Sousa is still very underrated in my book despite his jockey championships but he seems to be often overlooked for some of the Marquee rides. 

Personally it is a bit like when Sir Tony McCoy had gone years without ever winning the Grand National, Anthony actually went to Aintree that year , and that was the sole logic, probably the best jump jockey ever, to not win this race, surely cannot retire without hitting the bulls eye, sure enough “Don’t push it obliged at 16-1 that day”. De Sousa is the stand out jockey over past five years who has the temperament to succeed at the highest level.  A phrase I came across the other day was “Prolific beats perfect” and I guess it rings true, stylistically SDS isn’t the best jockey to watch , Moore/Doyle/Tudhope/Murphy and arguably the young Jason Watson is a more slick pilot, but SDS is Prolific in every sense, gets where water cant to ride a winner and does it in volume, huge credit that surely puts him in the box seat to retain his crown, who knows maybe the classic comes this year too. 

Danny Tudhope is a superb jockey that if based in the south would surely be picking up more live Classic rides. The fact he isn’t is a really limiting factor at this top level. Crowley is a consummate professional who deserves success at this level but perhaps this is now unlikely.

The one caveat I would throw into the mix is the emergence of  twice Derby winning jockey Joseph O Brien  as a challenger for the Classics. His armoury is mighty and it would not surprise me if he brings home the top Epsom prize before too long. His success is likely to see Irish jockeys getting their share of the spoils ahead of their English counterparts particularly in Derby and 2000gns.

The Cheltenham Festival has been, gone and the flat season is well and truly in the crosshair, all of those fresh 2yr olds in the starting gates rattling to get on with it will be upon us soon enough. It was good to see vintage performances from Altior and Tiger Roll   but for me Bryony Frost showcasing her expertise on the amazingly gutsy Frodon (how many times have we heard this)  was the memory to take away, so gutsy. The farcical ban of the jockey who rode his horse out for third place beggars belief, talk about stewarding from an ivory tower, your horse, your betting slip, your connections you want the best place at Cheltenham, end of. 

We enter Rolo (Lukoutoldmakezebak) in the NE1Racing Club colours at Newcastle next Friday evening 29thMarch. He ran a strong race last time out and thanks to Robbie Walsh who rode a steady race on him to finish second behind a tasty looking Jim Goldie visitor who has franked that form in a better race since. Eagle eyed watchers would note that we flagged up the very quick time recorded by Jai Hanuman  in beating us on our first run a couple of weeks ago. He has won twice since the last time carring 13lb more than when he beat us, the handicapper will be seething. Rolo is knocking on the door for sure and it must be a matter of time for him, all things being equal. Hopefully Jamie Gormley will be able to renew his acquaintance with  him. 

Our exciting 2yo filly has gone on her spring holidays to be broken in now, she is with the reliable Chris Dennis in Darlington so she is in very safe hands. Hopefully she will take to things well and begin her work on her return delivering the club with exciting times, as we predict. Club members are going to be introduced to her soon, and that’s when the buzz in the club will start to roll , brighter weather, turf season on the doorstep, this is what we love about our sport.

 Again, we are the most welcoming racing club and we would love to engage new members if you feel this is something you want to get involved in.  we are all about the inclusive feel, togetherness of a club where each member is valued on and off the course. 

One of our latest members Trevor, has just finished the “Dark Skies” Marathon at Kielder , tough course and ran in a strong time so big well done from everyone at NE1 ,that takes some seriously mental toughness and the fitness needed goes without saying, Well done Trevor! 

The NE1 racing team 

To join simply email ne1racingclub@gmail.comor text on 07930331158 for more info. Membership is a one off fee of £350 , no extra charges whatsoever. 

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Blog 3

Arriving  Last Friday at Newcastle and pulling into the O/T car park with gritted teeth ready to take on the car parking challenge to find a patch of safe terrain on which to travel, I need not have worried. It seems the blog must have some secret admirers as it had definitely been given, if not a complete re- tarmac job, and fairly decent comb-over. My optimism was short lived however as my travelling companion notified me that it was indeed Student Night at our much loved local track.

Most racecourses acknowledge that they need to reach out to try and get more people and yes probably more young people involved in going racing. With this in mind a big “well done “ to David Williamson and the team at Newcastle Racecourse on successfully staging there first ever Student Race night on Friday 1 st March. This brought together students from across the north – east for an evening of racing, entertainment and live music, which aimed to introduce racing to a new generation of potential racing fans. I was advised that an estimated 4000 additional customers had been attracted. Given the state of many by the last race, the minimum spend per person could conservatively be estimated at £20; do the maths yourself on benefit to the racecourse and of course ARC. 80K on beer and wine alone you can see why some within the industry really want younger people involved. Franny Norton gave certain members of the Sky sports racing panel a ribbing , Mr Lynch took it well and returned to the bustling beer pong sector. I feel the only thing missing was a set from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers , a Celtic tribute band to really get those feet shuffling.

To be fair the course, up to our point of speedy departure after the last race, did a magnificent job in maintaining the integrity of the racing for those regular racegoers visiting tonight. The owners lounge was calm and unaffected by the revelry elsewhere. Going to the loos down the staircase could be likened to an episode of the generation game , dodge the broken high heel, untangle left leg from abandoned handbag, we got there in the end. However all in all the staff at the course had planned things really well and deserve recognition for successfully managing the evening.

I was delighted that Rolo(Lukoutoldmakezebak) finished in 3 rd position in what was undoubtedly a very weak class 7 race on the face of it, although the time the winner won in was interesting, and has bolted in since. We were delighted that he travelled so well and at the furlong pole my heart was literally racing as I could envisage him staying on to win. He clearly ran out of gas in the final part of the race, which was not unexpected after 7 months off and lost second narrowly. 

Jamie was pleased with how he travelled and he gave him a super ride. There is a race back at Newcastle  Friday  8thMarch which we take our chance in as he appears to have come out of his race in fine fettle so here is to hope! Although Rolo is not registered to run as an NE1 Racing Club horse, members of the club will be welcome to attend meetings and enjoy all of the benefits of ownership. I was bemused that there appeared to be a lot of market support for him which did not come from me or anyone connected with the horse. It is genuinely baffling.

The older I get the less I take notice of the price of a horse.Racing post comments are getting more and more generic such as “market will be a guide “ in maidens where we all know that for shrewd yards the market will not be a guide at all. On the wider issue of prize money I respect those owners and trainers that have made a stand against courses which have chosen to reduce prize money (especially those ARC courses.) For me the difficulty is that if you are a single owner or small time operator you pay your training fees, your only chance of recouping any money is by running in races. So if you have a fit horse yet opt not to enter him (for all the right reasons) it makes the whole thing a bit pointless. If someone asked me to swerve a particular race in order for it to have no runners in it, I think I would listen and probably would do it, in order to support the principle of us working together. Boycotting maidens and novice races probably make more sense as owners/ trainers have far greater opportunities to find racing openings away from Arc courses.

John Dance interestingly noted that 45.6% of flat horses in training are operating at Class six or lower. The authorities really do need to be doing more to encourage owners to stick around at this level. Indications from the BHA would indicate that many owners have already indicated that they will not be keeping as many horses in training moving forward which ultimately is likely to lead to a downsizing of the industry, which suits who?? The ARC position on this reminds me of turkeys voting for Christmas.

I must end this blog with a huge thanks to those members already signed up to NE1 , we have some good people involved and we know  the club will continue to expand nicely.  Please come and say hello if you see us at the course, we are firm believers that racing as with any sport , is better and stronger with a core community.


The NE1 Racing Club 

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NE1 Racing Blog 2

So its been a few weeks since our last blog and we have a few things to catch up on so lets get stuck straight in!

Horse Flu….was it good thing it halted racing for the greater good, a stitch in time etc, was it terrible for the sport ( the bookies are the only ones moaning), one thing is for sure, either way you look at it , its good to have it back am I right?! My thoughts do go to Donald McCain however , he took some serious stick on social media mind,  unfortunate it was him and I think a few trainers have had a wake up call perhaps, not sure he deserved all the abuse, but I’m certain he will bounce back with a few winners soon enough with the ammunition he has he can “overturn” this tough time.

Chelts Chelts Chelts! The famous meeting is creeping up on us , and the excitement for the sport is clear to see, whispers of who is targeting what race, tactical double entries etc, lets have the good ones race each other ,no? However one thing is for sure, we will all be visiting toilets more frequently at work that week , calls we have to take outside the office to keep tabs on our doubles and trebles, you know what I mean! Lets just hope the clowns fighting this weekend give it a swerve and stick to the beginners  karate lessons in the village hall by Juan Ponche, is it just me or is there strong correlation between a checked Primark suit, drinking overpriced prosecco and making yourself look like a pudding live on TV, still…everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame ,  or was it 15 seconds of shame?

Calm Down , calm down , the weights are out for the Aintree Grand National, and there’s 12 out of 40 from Gordon Elliott’s yard, serious fire power that man has, and Tiger Roll dotted up yesterday , I’m sure he has something in the oven for race day too?

Another aspect that’s cropped up lately regarding our sport , is the prize money Arc are putting forward (or  not putting forward)  at some of their meetings, not sustainable for single owners , meaning they potentially have to win the race in some instances to even pay training fees alone.…talk about forcing people to set up “touches” on the track! On that note who tuned in for the Barney Curley’s interview on Luck on Sunday, he was a non runner, probably already engaged , bit like the phone at that Bellewstown meeting many moons ago. * Anyone unfamiliar with that story, grab the Ipad , make a brew and read about it, brilliant tale!

Prize money only concerns the winners enclosure primarily , and David Thompson was back in there with the reliable Glan Y Gors last week, simply hosed up at Newcastle against some good opposition for the grade, taking David’s Strike rate there, since the turn of the year to 40% , eat that southern raiders. Winning prices SP of 16-1, 13/2, 11/2 all excellent prices that reflect our point that David’s Horses can often go off at attractive prices, owners of Glan must be buzzing , congrats guys you deserve it!

So no doubt you will be eager to get some updates on how our new filly “Poco” is getting on at South View Racing , and one things for sure, she’s grown , and fast! David has said its noticeable even in a month she has put some size on in the right areas, and has proved to be sharp in her early exploits in the lunge ring, good signs for sure.

Over the next few weeks she will be visiting a breaking in specialist local to David, where she will be nurtured into the early stages of learning her job , the right way! I speak from past experience the importance of this, get it wrong and you can end up with a nutcase on your hands. So this will be her first day at “school “ as you like, and she will be given the best chance to be all she can be for us, so that’s certainly something to look forward to and we will update you with some footage on this so keep your eyes peeled on our twitter page @Ne1racing.

Countdown for Macky! Peters horse Lukoutoldmakezbak , two time winner at Gosforth Park last year is due to make his seasonal bow , and he looks well on the past few trips to see him at the yard,  David seems happy with him and it will be a nice starting point for his 2019 campaign , probably at Newcastle , why go anywhere else with such a tremendous facility on the doorstep and home of his two wins…you know it makes sense!!!

This weekend saw a few surprises, one being the superstar CYRNAME slam the 170 rated WAITING PATIENTLY by a good few lengths,  everyone seemed surprised apart from the whole parish of Shepton Mallet,  congrats to Harry Cobden for getting his licence to fly Jet planes too haha what a talented young man!

On the whole, its been a busy few weeks getting the website finalised we are really happy with it, please visit if you haven’t already, signing up new members (thanks guys) and plotting the path for ‘Poco’, we can honestly say its seriously exciting times!

Spring is coming, lighter nights nearly upon us , and there just seems to be an infectious enthusiasm kicking about around NE1 racing club just now. Big thanks to everyone spreading the word about us its seriously appreciated as we are building all the time, and if you want to take that extra step, do it and give us a shout we’d love to have you involved in NE1!


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