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Welcome to our first blog post!

So its been a really busy time for Anthony and myself in setting up our new racing club NE1 Racing Club. Trying to register the club with Weatherbys and the BHA is not for the faint hearted and it is a really time consuming process. I lost count the number of times when I asked for advice I was told “I don’t know’ “I am not sure’ etc. Very offputting when you are seeking specialist advice on something that is important . Considering it is their day job, they could do with a bit of an overview to try and help potential owners, not deter them by overcomplicating things.
Claiming VAT back…… don’t even go there. The BHA and Weatherbys who share the same building in Wellingborough dont seem to be able to give straight answers. I have made 12 phone calls already chasing this up and I hope finally we are making progress. On a more positive note the ROA have been very helpful as always. I would say the BHA and Weatherbys could learn a lot from them.

Our racing club , because we are starting from scratch have only one horse initially. It is a lovely filly who is just in the process of being broken in at David Thompson’s Durham yard. She moves very well but we wont know what we’ve got until she is ridden away . Obviously we are hopeful that she will have the ability take us to great places , certainly her breeding is very very encouraging. She is bred to be an early and speedy type so this is a time of great excitement for us.

So as we look forward to seeing Poco Contante progress with her education through the early Spring, we hope to attract new members to the racing club.
We hope that the club will grow, we are here for the long haul and fully intend to make our mark on the northern racing scene over the coming years.
Our policy will be to buy new horses wisely as the racing club grows.
There are some fantastic racing clubs already operational and their successes have inspired us to begin our operation from scratch. January is a tough month to try and attract investment in almost every sector of the leisure industry and we know it will be a challenge to persuade potential investors to part with their hard earned at this time of year.
We chose the name NE1 Racing Club as we are based in Newcastle and for the uninitiated NE1 a Newcastle upon Tyne postcode. It also fits our image of encouraging anyone into racing, providing of course that they can stomach the inevitable downs which ride side by side the highs.
Our trainer David Thompson has made a fabulous start to the season with Glan y Gors (twice)and Splash of Verve winning at Newcastle at very big odds in January 2019. One of the definite benefits of being with a small but astute trainer like David is that his runners seldom reflect the true chances of his runners.
Last year at Newcastle , my horse Lukoutoldmakezebak went off at 250/1 on the exchanges and 50/1 a place on occasions when he was placed . David’s winners are almost invariably double figures and represent terrific value.
Newcastle Racecourse is on the up for sure, but one area they can do to improve is the owners car park, which resembles the set from the Clangers back in the day. Fix the pot holes lads!!
It is likely that we will concentrate on the flat racing scene as to be honest we find the whole set up on race days at flat courses just that little bit more friendly than on the jumps. Controversial maybe and no offence intended but at the flat meetings we generally find people more open and willing to engage and the whole experience is more inclusive.
Our concept is for potential members to pay a yearly fee of £350. Naturally funds accrued go to support the purchase of additional club horses. All members will get a dividend at the end of their years’s membership.
Why cant a group of lads from the north east end up dining at the top tables? Life is about hope isn’t it?

Thanks for taking the time to read…
The NE1 Racing Team.

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