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Blog 5

Roll up Roll up!

Well what can be said about this horse Tiger Roll, multiple Cheltenham champ and on the double at Aintree over the toughest test ? Hats off to everyone involved and Gordon Elliott for the time spent on preparing  this amazing horse. As per most yards, I feel its key to point out the number of people who will have played their part in the successes yesterday; stable staff that don’t get the champagne moments as much , here’s to all of them, their work is very much acknowledged by owners and fellow horse racing fans. Michael O‘Leary well and truly had people away pre race giving the horse no chance, if only Ryanair flight times were as predictable as Tiger Roll over the big obstacles! 

Straight in with a nice little update regarding our Fab Filly, Poco! We mentioned in our  the last blog that  our future superstar was off to Chris Dennis to be broken in, and what we have heard so far is music to NE1 racing clubs ears! I contacted Chris for a brief catch up last week on her progress and how she was taking to her new job, and I got good reports and more than a hint of optimism (Calm down lads)! She has been backed and ridden away, and hasn’t flinched according to what she’s been asked to do, and called “nice” more than once during the call.  We have been invited to come and get some footage to share with members via our private group. Chris’s Wife joked she would get his best kit out for the filming, I am sure it will be great viewing. Chris has a role within the BHA and was at Aintree over the last 4 days, so a man that knows his nags!

So , the plan is once Poco has familiarised with her early work, she will be back to David Thompson’s yard, to assess the situation and get relevant feedback on how she has been , and what the early indicators are , timeframes etc , then the plotting can begin with our members. 

UPDATEWe are scheduling a yard visit in the next week or so , and everyone will be contacted and invited to come along and enjoy this fantastic Spring weather and meet the team too, good times ahead for sure. Come along if you can!

To our other interest that runs in NE1 colours is Peter’s horse Lukoutoldmakezbak, who made the trip to Southwell last week and , well to be blunt about it, hated every minute of it. Unfamiliar surface and being on the receiving end of horrific kickback throughout, Jamie Gormley returned to provide good honest feedback looking similar to a Pritt Stick dunked in a sand pit, he was covered. Nothing ventured we suppose, and it will be on to the next available race for him and roll the dice once again, a win isn’t far away, it cant be , can it?

On a side note, Southwell had a record crowd the night Lukoutoldmakezbak ran ( Rolo to us) due to free entry initiatives ,and what an atmosphere , packed grandstands and no doubt the course made a few quid, only a good thing when you consider racings financial positions currently right?

Doncaster kicked things off at the Lincoln meeting last week too, with a seriously smart Auxerre headlining and winning under James Doyle, Matt Chapman even tipped it( Yes you read that right) to win completing a full sweep of the ITV tipsters , spearheaded by the excellent Kevin Blake, 4 I think? I personally think ITV coverage is pretty decent and look forward to more meetings and detailed reporting, the only think that bugs me is the Camera man/ reporters who buzz about at the starting gates with the microphones, you wouldn’t see that in other sports a minute before the game starts? 

I just wanted to end this blog edition on why NE1 Racing club would be potentially be a perfect introduction for any likeminded racing enthusiasts to join us; 

  • Fun days out at the races in owners and Trainers excusive areas
  • Meet the jockeys and get close up with connections
  • Owners experience at a fraction of the cost
  • Genuine people who want the best for our horses and members
  • Regular updates as soon as there is anything to report
  • One time cost of £350, perfect for a birthday gift or special present , no sting in the tail with entry fees, vet bills, upkeep, its clean and simple. 
  • Local runners where you can see your horse run, this is so important to us. 
  • Meet good friends  with similar interests,, we want to know you  will be right for us , and we are right for you!. 

If you are at all interested, its as easy as dropping us a text on 07930331158 with a brief message and your name, and we will get in touch with you and talk through any questions etc you may have, transparency is key in this sport. Thanks for reading. 



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