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Do not pass go, do not collect £200…NE1 Blog 6 is here.

There’s a starman…..

We at NE1Racing have been discussing what we feel is a worrying trend
certainly in flat racing, but after the debacle of the Irish Grand National earlier this week , it seems the problem is spreading across both codes…

Multiple entries and 40%of the field of the Irish Grand National were owned by Gigginstown House Stud. This follows on from last year’ Epsom Derby when 33.3% of the field were owned by the Derrick Smith team. So what is wrong with that? I hear you ask. Well it’s a monopoly isn’t it.? Well it’s good for racing is the stock answer because of the huge investment made by a tiny number of very wealthy businessmen. Ok so this small number of people put a lot into the game but they are taking it out again quick time, If this trend continues how long will it be before we have an Epson Derby contested by horses all owned by the same owner , running in the same colours with different caps. In my view at that point the game will be up, don’t you agree?
Here’s a thought. Limit owner entry into Group/Graded races to 3 runners per race. I know it conspires against the free market principle but in my view something radical needs to be done to prevent the relentlessly blind sprint to the abyss. Simplistic perhaps but someone else come up with a better idea, just putting it out there?
One of the points of great interest for us is observing which jockeys/ trainers have started the season on the front foot as people speculate as to which horses will be classic contenders/ champion jockeys etc. Huge shame to see Too Darn Hot missing out on the early Classic but hopefully he will have a chance to shine as his campaign runs it’s course, although it did seem like theorist kept secret for a while. On the jockey front how about two lively outsiders for the jockeys championship.Joe Fanning currently priced at 80/1 has started the season on fire with 52 winners already in 2019. He finished 7th last year.

Even more left field is the mercurial Franny Norton who finished equal tenth last year but who we think is riding better than ever in 2019. Price on application forFranny. It may be that Silvestre gets hamstrung by his retainer with King Power in terms of dictating when and where he is expected to go. Same may apply to Oisin to which is why the title could be won by a person who will pop up for rides here there and everywhere during the summer months. So whilst there may be doubts in some quarters about who will ride the most winners, I think Silvestre and Oisin will break their ducks in the Classics this year. Good luck to them. One young man who deserves a shout out, is the young Jason Watson, surely one to look out for the future, what style and balance he has at a young age.

It is good to see some normality return to racing now that the prize money fiasco has be abated albeit temporarily.However that didn’t help us on our recent trip to Southwell when we pocketed the princely sum of £163.81 for finishing 4th ,which would have just about covered half of the travel cost of getting the horse there. The horse hated the kickback anyhow so we wont be back regardless.Still don’t know why some courses offer place money of £400 to eight and others only £300. Someone tell me what the criteria is for that?
What has been good to note is that some courses are really getting their teeth into successfully bringing new visitors in to see racing on race days. I have seen personally in the last couple of months packed crowds at two arc courses as the executives have thought outside the box to coax / encourage new visitors. The free entry at Southwell must have made them a fortune on the night. What lessons could and should be learnt from that? Last year during May we visited Nottingham for their Ladies Day. I sincerely hope that security is stepped up this year as last year it was flimsy at best. There were what looked like sixth formers on the doors to hypothetically restrict access between the various areas(O/T) and corporate. Didn’t stops swathes of merry punters taking residence wherever they felt like dropping into. The stag who ran onto the course to complete the last furlong dressed in only a severely tested thong slicing his modesty in half, and horses head should not really have been possible should it. We are planning to go again this year (I know) but hope the security is stepped up and lessons learned.
NE1 Racing is now three months old (wooo) and we are pleased with the feedback we have received to say the least. In our first year we have a target figure of members which would like to achieve and we are delighted at how we are progressing. What is even more pleasing is that some recognisable figures in the industry have acknowledged and given kind words to what we are trying to do , and will do. So, If you have ever been involved with racehorse ownership please consider joining us, and if you haven’t its the perfect starting point for sure. The fee of only £350 is incredibly modest for the level of involvement you will enjoy and it is a one off payment for a year’s membership. We guarantee fun and enjoyment along the way, so what are you waiting for?

The NE1 team


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